SpliT seCond

I was nervously and obsessively anxious about what I wanted to tell him.
But confession was the only season ticket I could use to win his heart back.
All I wanted was a split second to explain my atrocious actions.
I saw forbearance in his eyes,
nevertheless I forbore to mention that
what I did was a misconception of which I remorse each and everyday of my life.
Before I could say a word, he left..
The contraction and expansion of my arteries
With each beat of my heart started beating fast
As if I was galloping through the fields.
Surely gossipmongers know how to divulge rumours
I’m not as black as I’ve been painted
But he believed them and decided to leave me
The pain of losing him broke the shell that
encloses my understanding.
Yes, i was wrong
But all his assumptions were also wrong
I had my own explanation of the cause of my deception
A split second is the only thing i needed
to explain the side of my story..
Unfortunately the Greatly exaggerated prevarications
led to the Disintegration of our relationship



Never would i ever bury the pleasant

Memories Of the day we met

A heavenly day it was indeed,

The day i admired the depth of my perception

Although pessimism was playing mind games

I took a surreptitious peep at you,

In a flash i saw my better half

Having you visualized in my mind

Made it even more simple,

Simple to Have total recall

Of your good looks,

More especially your eyes & smile,

Your well structured body left me captivated

To an extend of having sleepless nights

I couldn’t wait any longer to be in your arms

And today I’m proud to say that

You’re mine


Heavenly day

I still remember the first day when I met him..

A heavenly day it was..

I was with my friends when he asked for privacy.

In my mind I thought he is “the one”..

indeed!! I had mercy..
he promised me everlasting love
so I gave him the keys to the realm of my heart
and like a thief he took with no remorse,
stole my pride and self esteem
as he whispered sweet words into my ear
words that cluttered like the hooves of a jubilant horse..
unbelievable that they came from a human source
His voice was like a giggle of a golden bell
leaving me captivated by the magic of his spell
That’s when I looked straight into his eyes and wondered if he could rescue me with a map because I got lost in his cute eyes..but he kept on smiling with those dimples going deep..deeper than the pacific ocean..I then took the right direction which led me to his heart…